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Here are some more pictures of the house and the surroundings.
To see more of Öland, you're welcome to have a look at the photo gallery.

The house The house seen from the rear, with the entrance to the smithy. The white building to the left is the foundation of the former wind powerplant of the Ekerum farm.


The kitchen Watch the sun set over the sea at supper!


Bedroom view One of the bedrooms.


Livingroom Livingroom.


Livingroom The livingroom in the apartment to the North.


Upper floor hall The hall/livingroom on the upper floor, with the exit to the balcony.


Oven This can no longer be used for baking, but don't worry, there's a more modern oven.


Garden View from the garden.


Balcony view
Panoramic view from the balcony. Click on the picture to view a larger version.


The smithy The smithy.


The smithy The smithy again.


The smithy And again...
The hood over the forge is made by Lars Jaensson.


Smithycat Smithycat.


Roe deer Roe deer in the Ekerum woods.


Halltorps Hage The sea reflects the evening sun through the foliage in "Halltorp's Hage".


Ekerum beach Sunset over a calm Kalmar Strait seen from the Ekerum beach.


Swans in the sea A short walk from the Ekerum sand beach.


Windmill The silhouette of a windmill stands out against the skies over the Alvar near Högsrum.


Map Click on the satellite photo to zoom in on a detailed map.


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